Red Flags When Going to a New Tattoo Shop

Red Flags

Selecting the right tattoo shop St. Pete can be an arduous task, especially if you have no idea what to look for. Despite that, you can still base your choice of the shop in which to get your tattoo by looking out for a few red flags.

Below are the red flags that should convince you to think twice before entering the new shop.

Cleanliness of Shop

First, check the cleanliness. Watch out for signs that scream ‘unkempt’ all over the shop. A tattoo shop should be as clean as the local hospital. After all, the procedures you will go through involve piercing skin using needles and other supplies. Everything should be clean.


Do not ignore the tattooists. It’s good practice to get a tattoo from trained artists only. Untrained artists and novices are the wrong choice. An untrained artist is not worth entrusting your health to. Training helps the artists to:

  1. keep the shop attractive and free of infections
  2. prevent disease-causing microbes from spreading

Cleanliness of Furniture

Cleanliness of the furniture is equally essential. Some types of furniture are capable of spreading germs. Microbes have a tendency of lingering around the studio. They multiply exponentially in St. Pete tattoo shops that are filled with dirty and tattered furniture.

Cleanliness of Needles and Other Supplies

Another red flag worth keeping an eye on is the use of needles that have already been opened. A trustworthy parlor hires and encourages its artists to use needles from sealed containers at all times. Needles should not lie all over the studio.


Home-based tattoo shops are not a good place for getting a tattoo. A home-based shop lacks some essential supplies, such as an autoclave, that are common features of the best tattoo parlors in St. Pete.

Customer Relations

The desperation you have for new St. Pete tattoos does not give the artists any right to ignore you or treat you contemptuously. The artist who will be working with you should spend time discussing a few details with you prior to your session. Look for artists who communicate well.

Quality of Aftercare Service

It’s important to check the quality of aftercare service and advice the tattooists provide. Proper after care is crucial for your health. The best tattooists will not hesitate to educate you on the different ways of taking great care of your tattoos. If they don’t, leave and go elsewhere.

Lastly, consider extremely low prices as red flags warning you of the poor quality of services to expect at the tattoo parlor. Normally, good tattoos cost substantial sums of money. With tattoos, you get what you pay for.


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