Schedule a Consultation

What Does the Consult Entail?

The consult is time scheduled to sit down with the artist to discuss and design your tattoo.  

Bring all of your picture reference and questions and we will sit down and go through everything.  

Figuring out everything that is important about your tattoo is the first step…

your artist will guide you through the process and will let you know what will and will not work with your tattoo.  

It is not your job to design or dictate how to design your tattoo… that is OUR JOB!  

We are here to give you the best advice in quality and design of your tattoo.

Please be open and listen to what and why your artist is suggesting a change.  

After the consult we will set an appointment.  

To set an appointment you must first have your consult..

then there is a $100 non refundable DEPOSIT which will be taken off of your last appointment.  

It is to do a final drawing and to hold your appointment space.  


You will have time to sit down and make changes if needed before your appointment.

E-Mail Consult Request

E-Mail us a Request and we will call you to schedule!

If you do not receive any contact three days after you send a consult request,please call the shop.  

As we all know sometimes emails don’t come through and we would hate to miss your inquiry and appreciate you choosing BATG!

Please feel free to call the shop to set up a consult – we will be happy to help

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery will now require any cancellations or rescheduling

to be done no later then 48 hours prior to the day of your appointment.

Anyone rescheduling less then 48 hours of day of appointment will be charged a

non refundable $100 CASH ONLY rescheduling fee.

Rescheduling fee must be paid before another appointment can be made.

We appreciate your understanding.


Touch Up Policies

A free touch up is available for tattoos $300 or greater.

Touch ups must be done no later than 4 months from appointment.  

Any touch ups later than 4 months will be treated as a new session.

Tattoos less than $300 can be touched up for a $50.00 set up fee.

  • Walk-Ins Welcome

    or Call to set up a consult to get scheduled

  • 18+ only

    we DO NOT tattoo anyone under the age of 18

  • No piercing

    No piercing of any kind

  • Photo ID

    You must have a valid ID to be tattooed

  • Gift Certificates

    We have gift certificates available in $100 increments

  • Talk with an artist

    Set up a FREE Consultation to talk with an artist

  • Credit Cards

    We except- Visa-Mastercard-Discover

  • Artists with experience

    Bachelors of Fine Art and over

    15 years Tattooing experience