• 1. NEVER listen to a friend’s advice.

  • 2. Leave bandage in place for 2-4 hours or as instructed by your artist.

  • 3. Wash hands thoroughly with hot water and soap.

  • 4. Using soapy hot water, vigorously wash tattoo in circular motions to remove excess blood and plasma. Do this 5-6 times daily for a week.

  • 5. Using a clean paper towel pat your tattoo dry and really give it a good clean whipe down.

  • 6. Repeat above pattern every few hours for 2-3 days.

  • 7. Day 4, continue washing instructions, however switch to either Curel or Lubriderm UNSCENTED hand lotion. Remember to massage all the way into tattoo.

  • 8. AVOID: direct sunlight, SCRATCHING, pools or Jacuzzis, direct spray from shower nozzle, submerging tattoo in water and tight clothing.

  • 9. Tattoos WILL: peel, slightly lose pigment, and itch.

  • 10. Remember, your tattoo is an OPEN WOUND and should be treated as such!

*Please remember, these are suggested guidelines for caring for your new tattoo.
Any questions please feel free to call during business hours.
You have been tattooed under the most sterile conditions possible.
It is up to YOU to follow proper aftercare to ensure the healthy life of your new tattoo!

Helpful Tips

  • Do not use a washcloth or loofah to clean your tattoo.

  • When in doubt always think, CLEAN and DRY over Gooey and Too Much Lotion/Aftercare

  • Ice your new tattoo the first two days, most of the discomfort is the fact your tattoo is swollen


How long does it take a tattoo to heal?
Anywhere from five days to three weeks depending on the area of the body the tattoo is and how well you heal up. Some people take longer to heal than others; some areas of the body take longer to heal: lower legs, wrist, forearms, hands, etc.

My tattoo is peeling and itching. Is that normal? What should I do?
It is normal for a tattoo to peel up like a sunburn. Do not scratch at it or peel the skin away. Let it naturally fall off. Use lotion to keep the area moist. This “peeling” will last for a few days. Use lotion 3-4 times a day, don’t mess with it and you will do just fine. Peeling, flaking, ashy, dry are all words to describe this stage of the healing process. An itching tattoo is a healing tattoo.

The skin that is peeling up is colored like the tattoo—is my tattoo coming off?
No, that is natural. The dead skin has been colored/dyed during the tattooing process. That skin will fall off and be replaced with the fresh skin that is underneath it. A tattoo is VERY bright when it is first completed; during the healing process it starts to look discolored and dull. When the tattoo is finished healing, you will notice the “color” will come back.

My tattoo is scabbing. Is that normal? What should I do?
Scabbing sometimes happens during the healing of a tattoo and can last weeks after. This can be caused from overuse of aftercare products, not using enough or it could just be your body’s natural healing process. When you over apply aftercare, it covers the skin and keeps it from breathing. If you have been using aftercare heavily, let the tattoo dry out for a day. After that, apply lotion once a day. The lotion absorbs into the skin and will let the tattoo breathe.

My tattoo seems to be losing ink. It is runny, wet and it looks like the ink is coming out. What should I do?
It sounds like the tattoo is leaching. When too much aftercare is applied, the body will naturally try to push whatever is on top off so it can breathe. Wash the tattoo off and pat it dry. Do not put anything on it for one day. After that, start using lotion around three times a day—be sure not to over apply. Continue using the lotion until it heals completely. It may scab a bit, but do not pick the scabs—let them fall off naturally.

Can I wash my tattoo?
Yes, you should wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day. Do not use a washcloth, use only your hands, gently wash off the tattoo and with paper  towel pat it dry. Let it air dry for 10-15 minutes before applying aftercare. It is important that it is completely dry before applying aftercare. Do not soak the tattoo in water, swim, etc. until the tattoo is completely healed.

Should I re-bandage my tattoo?
For the first night only. After that you should not re-bandage your tattoo. The tattoo needs to breathe and should be left unbandaged.

Can I use sunscreen on my tattoo while it is healing?
Sunscreen should not be used on a healing tattoo as it has many chemicals that can cause adverse reactions. You should keep the tattoo out of the sun until it is completely healed. Most artists recommend two weeks or more. After it is healed, you should always use sunscreen,  if your tattoo is going to be exposed.


Saniderm bandages bring much-needed simplicity to the tattoo aftercare process. Do not complicate it and just keep things simple: you apply the Saniderm tattoo bandage after the tattoo is done, and continue about your day. You can leave the first bandage on for 8-24 hours, depending on how much it bleeds and weeps.

You can shower like normal, go to work, go to the gym, and continue to do everyday activities with minimal discomfort. After the 24 hour mark with the first bandage, gently clean the tattoo and apply a second bandage.

Typically, you can keep the second bandage on anywhere from 3-5 days. Saniderm bandages protect your healing tattoo from scabbing, infection, and other irritants that damage tattoos. Your work stays bright and vibrant, just like you want it to.

Helpful Tips

  • Do not use a washcloth or loofah to clean your tattoo.

  • When removing the Saniderm bandage make sure to find an edge of the bandage and pull it back over itself in the direction of hair growth.

  • Rounding the corners before application will help reduce pulling or peeling of the adhesive edges


Saniderm stays on skin even when immersed in water… so you’re able to bathe, shower and swim as normal. It is waterproof, however excessive exposure to water should be avoided because it could weaken the adhesion.

Saniderm does not contain any kind of sun protection, so you should avoid prolonged sun or UV ray exposure. We do not recommend exposing your new tattoo to UV rays, ever – with or without Saniderm. Even after your tattoo is fully healed, continue to use sun protection to maintain the integrity of your tattoo colors.

Exercising with Saniderm is fine, just be aware that sweating can weaken the adhesive of Saniderm and cause the bandage to come off prematurely.  So it may be best to take it easy and keep the sweating to a minimum.

Saniderm is both latex free and hypoallergenic, so allergic reactions are very rare. Some people, however, have very sensitive skin and are allergic to adhesives. (Tape, bandages, etc). If you experience a rash, abnormal skin irritation, or other symptoms of an allergic reaction, discontinue use and wash with mild soap. Consult a physician if necessary. Of-course, Saniderm should never be used on infected skin.

The best way to remove Saniderm is to find an edge and pull the Saniderm back over itself in the direction of hair growth. Pulling upward on the Saniderm can be painful. Rarely, some people will stick to the Saniderm better than others and it can be difficult to remove. In this case try removing Saniderm in warm shower, the warmth will loosen the adhesive and make if easier to remove. If that doesn’t work then you can use a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil and apply it to the edge of the bandage, the oil will weaken the adhesive and the Saniderm will come right off.