• 1. NEVER listen to a friend’s advice.

  • 2. Leave bandage in place for 2-4 hours or as instructed by your artist.

  • 3. Wash hands thoroughly with hot water and soap.

  • 4. Using soapy hot water, vigorously wash tattoo in circular motions to remove excess blood and plasma. Do this 5-6 times daily for a week.

  • 5. Using a clean paper towel pat your tattoo dry and really give it a good clean whipe down.

  • 6. Apply a small amount of unscented hand lotion. Wipe tattoo clean after applying with a paper towel.

  • 7. Repeat above pattern every few hours for 2-3 days.

  • 8. AVOID: direct sunlight, SCRATCHING, pools or Jacuzzis, direct spray from shower nozzle, submerging tattoo in water and tight clothing.

  • 9. Tattoos WILL: peel, slightly lose pigment, and itch.

  • 10. Remember, your tattoo is an OPEN WOUND and should be treated as such!

*Please remember, these are suggested guidelines for caring for your new tattoo.
Any questions please feel free to call during business hours.
You have been tattooed under the most sterile conditions possible.
It is up to YOU to follow proper aftercare to ensure the healthy life of your new tattoo!