Thorough Research When Looking for an Artist is Key

Research It

There are different types of tattoo artists operating today. One category comprises professionals who have been trained, certified, and licensed to provide these services. The other category is made up of individuals with a passion for tattoos who open tattoo parlors in St. Pete. It’s important to choose a tattooist carefully considering that you’re about to get a permanent mark on your body through a risk-filled procedure.

Thorough research on the artist is essential for your peace of mind.

Research Safety

It’s wrong to step into the first tattoo shop St. Pete that you come across without prior research. The focus of the research should be determining the safety of the entire process. Tattoos can open up your body to all manner of skin infections and health problems. Fortunately, state and local governments in the United States regulate tattoo shops. The actual rules regulating the parlors vary from one jurisdiction to the next though.

Research Staff Training

While doing your research, make sure that the parlor you step into has an all fully-trained team of tattooists. Check that the tattoo artists put on fresh set of disposable gloves before attending to a new client to reduce or eliminate the risk of contamination. After removing the gloves, ascertain that the artists discard them in the trash bin in between each session. Confirm that the tattooist only uses fresh needles that he gets from sealed containers.

Research Reputation

In the tattooing industry, reputation is king. A tattoo artist with a reputation of operating without any formal training is a huge risk. A ‘freelancer’ or ‘scratcher’ is not worth selecting for such a potentially life-defining procedure. One reason for this is that an untrained tattooist is more likely to reuse the needles and other supplies thereby increasing your chances of suffering a skin infection or developing an allergic reaction.

Research Quality of Services

Some artists are renowned for producing excellent tattoos. The quality of the final product should not cloud your judgment. A professional tattooist acts as a craftsperson, technician, and an artist. Scrutinize each artist’s work. Look at how the artist blends colors. Evaluate the tattooist’s ability to design an even form of depth, dimension and shading. Look at his previous work to determine his expertise in all these.

Research Premises

Lastly, check the condition of the artist’s St. Pete tattoos studios. Visit the studios for a firsthand evaluation of the quality of services offered. It would be unwise of you to select an artist who does not operate from St. Pete tattoo shops but rather from his kitchen, in the bleachers, garage, or a local bar. If everything is clean, new and in the right place, you may now ask the artist for information on the tattoo charges.

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