How-To Skincare for Tattooing

Skin care after getting a tattoo is as important as getting the right tattoo design. Bad care for the tattoo can lead to infection and scarring making a very unsightly tattoo site. Getting an awesome tattoo starts right at the drawing of the tattoo using the right tattooing products easily available in tattoo shops in St. Petersburg, Florida. After the tattooing design is done, the most important task is keeping away infection and making sure the skin remains clean and supple for the tattoo design to come out well

Tattooing cream

St. Pete tattoo artists say that a good tattoo cream can take away as much as 80% of the pain during tattooing. High quality tattoo creams contain powerful topical anesthetizers to numb the nerves on the skin. Common ingredients in tattoo creams include prilocaine and lidocaine base, peg-9 stearate, water carbomer and phenoxyethanol.

Tattoo healing

After a tattooing session, the artist will wash off excess ink and blood.  At this point, the skin is usually inflamed and swollen. It will also leak ink and plasma.

The initial dressing should be changed after 2-3 hours. Then clean the tattoo again every hour for the first two days.  Then clean and moisturize with a very light lotion twice a day until the tattoo has peeled completely:

Warning signs

St. Pete tattoo artists say that a tattoo wound will typically heal within 14 days. It is common for the healing skin to peel off and flake. However, there are some warning signs to look out for

  • Excessive inflammation of the wound
  • Flowing pus
  • Unusual scabbing
  • Cracking of the skin

When any of these warning symptoms are visible on the tattoo site, talk to your artist who may advise you to see a qualified dermatologist. Common treatment for these conditions include antibiotic creams and balms combined with oral drugs.

With good tattoo aftercare, you will have a good looking tattoo in 3-4 weeks. It will be lighter than the surrounding area before blending in and looking awesome forever.