St Pete Tattoo Shop Calf Tattoo by J Michael Taylor


A Bit of Poetry

In Tampa I heard of a hunny

who was always too tight with her money

so she sat on some dude’s couch

at his house and said “ouch”

while he pounded out a black Playboy bunny.

This dude who got hammered in Ybor

Ended up on his ass on my shop floor

His buds called him “Pooh”

So what else could I do?

His butt cheek now looks just like Eeyore.

From St. Pete to Tampa to the beaches

You can rant and rave and make speeches

But if your idea is wack for that piece on your back

Your grasp will exceed what your reach is

Get ink when you’re drunk at your peril:

One dumb choice puts you over a barrel.

When you’re sloshed people’s names

May look just the same

But an “o” changes “Carl” into “Carol”

In Tampa, St Pete and the Suncoast

You brag, showoff ink and always boast

But of all your tattoos, and all they mean to you

Your next one’s the one you will love most