Conventions are Crazy/Cool: Get together, get crazy get inked up.

The Convention Life

It’s a party/convention/trade show/visual art fair/concert/charity event/performance art venue/shopstravaganza/gathering place. And also an intense time and place to get tattooed. If you have never gone to a tattoo show or convention, run, don’t walk, to the nearest coliseum or auditorium and prepare to be fed, beered, inked and entertained. And bring cash.

Across the country people like us get together in groups, talk shit, trade information, check out each others’ work, buy and sell art, clothing, jewelry, equipment and all kinds of good stuff.

For the hardworking artist, it’s an intense, business-building push. For tattoo lovers and the people who love them, it’s an intense, sense-filling experience.

What can you expect at a tattoo convention or tattoo show? A ton of talented tattoo artists, ready to ink the hell out of you; an amazing amount of art for sale; fun and funky ink-related merchandise, jewelry, massage therapists, chainsaw jugglers; people you’ve seen on TV, people you never want to see on TV; people and tattoos in every imaginable shape, size, color and texture; food, booze, bands, girls, boys, men, women, piercing, piercings, live performance art, books for sale… and that’s just in the first booth on your left! Most kidding aside, tattoo conventions are a welcoming place for ink aficionados, tattoo addicts, artists and art lovers and you and your mama and them. Don’t be shy, get out there and mingle. And stop by our booth. I’ve got the perfect design in mind for you.