Tattoo: Applying Shades of Color vs. Shades of Black

Many people getting a tattoo for the first time are unsure whether to get a color or black/grey tattoo. Indeed, many tattoo shops in St. Petersburg, Florida, will say that it all comes down to the customer’s skin tone, pain tolerance, budget and time spent in the sun. Each type of tattoo has its pros and cons, both for the customer and the tattoo artist.

Black and grey tattoos

Some general things to think about: These kinds of tattoos are subtle and are not likely to clash with different colors of clothes. These tattoos will bring out the content of the tattoo better than the form of the tattoo.  Black tattoos are preferable for people who spend more time in the sun as they do not fade as fast. St. Pete tattoo artists say there are a number of pros for these types of tattoos:

    • Some say they are less painful. This is because less pigment is required in the skin so the artist does not have to put in solid colors.
    • They don’t compete with color in the clothing allowing for more choices in apparel.
    • They create darker contrast which is easier to see on skin with darker tones
    • They may take less time to complete. This means they may cost less.

Creating three dimensional tattoos in black or grey takes a skilled hand to get the right texture, shape, weight and composition.

Color tattoos

More advanced tattoo equipment has made it easier for more St. Pete tattoo shops to ink color designs.  Color tattoos are brighter, more vibrant and allow for more creativity.  The full creativity of color tattoos can be seen in Japanese Irezumi designs which are elaborate works of art.

St. Petersburg tattoo artists say color tattoos there a few pros for color tattoos:

  • It is easier to bring out dimension and life in color tattoos
  • They offer the strongest contrast in light and medium tone skins
  • They are good for covering other tattoos

It is always good for a tattoo artist and the client to discuss the pros and cons of having a black or grey tattoo before having it done.