Just a Heads Up

Points of View/Points of You

It’s all in how you look at things. For instance, if someone says to you Dayum, that’s a squirrelly, girly, scratchy fugly tattoo, it could be that 1) The lighting is bad. 2) Someone forgot to eat their Wheaties. 3) Some people should keep their opinions to themselves. or 4) You’re sporting a squirrelly, girly, scratchy fugly tattoo.

Your Body, Your Choice…

A 24×8” infinity symbol on your back. Cuz That’s How You Roll. OK.
The serenity prayer. You know, demonically backwards. Down your hip and leg. Cuz you such a rebel. Fine.
Your soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend’s face. Between your boobs. Cuz, you know, he likes it there. Sure.
A mash-up rebel flag, family crest, shamrock and Louis Vuitton logo. On your face. Cuz you are CONFUSED. Right on.

…But: My Shop, My Rules

I’m not gonna write on you. Or F-up your relationship with your Mom. Or stop your career path. Or make you look like an idiot. Or go against my professional judgment. Cuz, you know, it’s my face in the mirror.

Supply & Demand

Supply your ideas, demand perfection. We’ll get along great and your ink will be epic.

Happy New Year

If 2016 sucked for you, 2017 is just around the corner. Grab it by the balls. Fuck with it first. Don’t let it push you around. And for godsake, get a(nother) tattoo. You only live once. Or, if it turns out that’s not true, get a head start looking soopersexy in your next life.