How to Care for Skin After Tattoo Removal

16% of Americans with suffer tattoo regret. That is according to a recent Harris poll conducted on this matter. This regret comes about for different reasons. Lifestyles change, romances fail, and designs come out badly. Tattoo removal is a common topic of conversation in tattoo shops in St. Petersburg, Florida. Tattoo removal is possible through several methods, the most common being laser removal.

Tattoo removal involves breaking down pigmented skin cells. The procedure breaks down the skin and damages it just like when inking the tattoo. The resulting skin damage can result in skin irritation up to open infected wounds in extreme cases.  How can this be avoided?

  • The wound site should be compressed and elevated in the first 24 hours after the procedure. This reduces inflammation on the site. Apply skincare ointment with antibiotics like Neosporin.  The wound should also be covered with fresh dressing. St. Pete tattoo artists say the area should not be washed with hot water or have makeup applied on it.
  • The skin should not be exposed to heat like strong sunlight. Things that can irritate or break the skin like salty water, pool water, and high pressure hosed water should not be directed to the skin.
  • It is common for blisters to develop. They should not be popped. Apply antibiotic ointment on the blisters. It is also common for scabbing to develop as the skin heals and hardens. These scabs should not be picked at too. Apply ointment to reduce the urge to scratch. This ointment can be bought in St. Pete tattoo shops. If too much scabbing or blistering occurs, a dermatologist should be consulted.
  • Movement that can break the skin again should be avoided. This is more so for sites that are in areas like elbows and knees that see a lot of stretching. Vigorous activity should be avoided to allow for skin to come together.
  • If the skin affected is in an area that stretches during natural body movements for example skin on the elbows and knees, avoid vigorous activity that could stretch the skin in the immediate period after the removal. Gentle massage should be done on the site to make the ink fade faster.
  • Makeup should only be applied after the skin completely heals. This could be 4-6 weeks after the removal procedure. Avoid any makeup like self-tanners, bronzers, and even sunblock.

St. Petersburg tattoo artists say a tattoo removal site will usually heal within 4-6 weeks if properly cared is done. The only sign left behind is lighter skin that usually darkens with time. As much as modern tattoo removal methods are relatively painless, the best guarantee is having an awesome tattoo that you will never regret.