St Pete Tattoo Originality

What Am I Getting Tattoo’d?

No Trendy Tattoos, Originality is Key

Trendy tattoos are cool one moment and not so cool two to three years down the line. Cliché tattoos like the musical clef, the love heart, dagger, teardrops, crosses, and eagles may look good when they are fresh but you will quickly tire of seeing them and develop tattoo regret. Remember, getting ink on is cheaper than getting it off. A $300 tattoo can easily cost you $1500 to remove. 

Originality is the key to getting a tattoo you will love for the rest of your life and always look on with satisfaction. That tattoo you put on when you are 25 will still feel amazing when you are 55. But originality is lost on many people because they don’t take the time to properly come up with a design that is long-lasting and memorable. How do you come up with an amazingly original tattoo?

Why do you need to get inked?

This would be the first question. Are you getting a tattoo because your friend has one like it and look awesome? Do you want to wear it to commemorate something or someone special? Are you doing it for the sake of it? Have a good motive that will sound reasonable 10 years on from now. Avoid short-lived motives that you may not be sure of, for example, new love interests.

What kind of design would suit your needs?

There are thousands of ready-made designs on Google, Pinterest, and Instagram. Which of them come close to your motive? Pinterest is especially good at showing tattoo designs of the same interests. If you are into mythical tattoos, for example, simply type ‘mythical tattoos.’ You can then drill down the results to what you want.


If what you see does not impress you, customize on what is available. You can take a phoenix, for example, and give it a dragon’s head to come up with your own unique mythical beast. Talk to your tattoo artist and let him put the idea to paper. If he can’t get what you want, set up an appointment with a graphics designer. Outline your ideas and let him come up with two or three stencils for your tattoo artist. 

Get some opinions 

Although you are the one to wear the ink, getting a few opinions will give you a good insight on what people will think when they see the tattoo. It is your self-expression but why get one if it does not impress?

An original tattoo will always be fresh in your eyes. You will always be proud of the design you put on be it twenty or fifty years down the line.