Why Tattooing is More Than Ink and Needles

With tattoo artists charging $75-200 per hour, tattoo art is attracting many people who should otherwise not be in the business. Some will think that tattooing is all about downloading a few designs, gathering tattoo needles and ink, and you are good to go. This is a wrong approach to things. It takes more than good quality needles and ink to become a good tattooist. Any of the top artists in the tattoo shops in St. Petersburg, Florida, will tell you that there is a difference between a tattooist and a tattoo artist.

Zeal for the art

The mark of a true artist is the passion for the art. This means trying out new designs, shades, colors and other elements of the art. Love for the art means that you are always looking up what other tattoo artists are doing and comparing with your art. It means staying abreast of new trends in the art and making a twist of your own. Tattoo artists are willing to do apprenticeship under master artists just to learn something extra.

Good work ethic

Good work ethic means that you are willing to do the best for your customers, as a St. Pete tattoo artist. This means opening your shop, waiting for customers, and working on those customers to completion and satisfaction. The idea that tattoo artists are pure hedonists is a bit misplaced. The best guys in the art are hardworking individuals who are concerned about the art as well as the business.

Attention to detail

It is absolutely crucial to keep in mind the fact that a tattoo is permanent and getting rid of one is a painful and expensive affair. The client must always get the best job right the first time. This means being sober, preparing well and following up on your customers as they heal.  It also means that you remember how far you have come even when you become one of the best St. Pete tattoo shops.


As a St. Petersburg tattoo artist, you will get different clients with very different ideas on the tattoo designs they want. Some will leave you to do your best work while many will be set in what they want. As a tattoo artist, you will also have ideas on what would work best for different clients. It pays to be attentive to what the customer wants. You should be adaptable enough to bring out different ideas without being fixated on your own ideas.