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Our friends over at USF St Petersburg’s Connect wrote up a great  article on Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery that we wanted to share.

Friday the 13th is well known for being unlucky, but Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery owner J. Michael Taylor was satisfied with his turnout considering this year was his first year participating in the $13 tattoo trend. Taylor’s shop will have been open for three years this coming January. He and another artist, Jeremy Hulett, are usually so booked that finding the time to squeeze in Friday the 13th tattoos isn’t entirely possible. However, this year they allowed the superstitious holiday to be a day where their apprentice Todd could step in and help.

“It’s a good experience for people to get an understanding of what tattooing is kind of like, and it gives him the experience to actually work on real clients,” Taylor said. With eight clients booked for Friday the 13th tattoos, Todd was able to put his months of training into action. “Tattooing is more difficult than you think,” Taylor said.

Despite having drawn up pages of flash designs for clients to choose from, Taylor was willing to personalize, but wasn’t willing to say yes to everything. “I’ve had some crazy requests,” Taylor said. “I don’t do everything, especially when people want bad mistakes, or premature mistakes that they don’t realize 20 years down the road they’re still going to have to be dealing with this.”

Taylor, who has been tattooing for 11 years, eight of them in St. Petersburg, wanted more than just a tattoo parlor. After working at another tattoo shop in town, he decided he wanted to start his own business. “I wanted to open up a tattoo shop my mom could come and get tattooed at. Something comfortable, clean and nice,” Taylor said. A collection of apparel and jewelry are sold in the shop as well as various art pieces.


For such a luckless day, Taylor and his team at Black Amethyst are positive about finding their niche in St. Pete and turning out creative work always, but especially for Friday the 13th.

Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery is located at 689 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N. Unit A, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. For more information visit Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery’s website at

Written by: Ambria Whalum at USF St. Petersburg’s Connect


How-To Skincare for Tattooing

How to Get an Awesome Tattoo Every Time

How to Get an Awesome Tattoo Every Time

Before walking into any of the tattoo shops in Petersburg, Florida, to get a tattoo, it is crucial to know what you are getting into.  Tattoo regret is a real thing and happens to one in three people who have been under the needle.  You can avoid becoming one of these people by following a few tips.

Get the right design

What is that mythical beast you are thinking about? Do you know the symbolism of the tattoo design? How will that tattoo you want on your right boob look like when you are 50? These are some of the considerations to make when picking on a tattoo design. You might think that XIII looks good on your neck only to realize it is a hardcore gang tattoo.

Don’t scrimp

Any St. Pete tattoo artist will tell you that money should be the last consideration for a tattoo job. Cheap is expensive in the long run, and this is true for tattoos. Cheap tattoo artists are likely to be inexperienced or not very good in their art. Remember a tattoo will remain on your skin for a very long time. It is worth putting some good money in it.

Get the right tattoo artist

Hunt in St. Pete tattoo shops for the right tattoo artist. Good artists are in plenty but truly great artists that create awesome jobs are few in between. Rely on the web only so far. After checking out a few portfolios online, make appointments for physical interviews. A professional tattoo artist will gladly allow you to check out his work. Talk to the artist and check out his knowledge on issues like designs, picking out colors for your skin, tattoo placement and aftercare among other issues.

Know that you want it

It is common to see customers in St. Pete tattoo shops going back and forth tattoo design portfolios, arguing with friends, checking tattoos on Instagram and so on. It is important to remember that the tattoo is going on your skin.

Take care of the tattoo

The healing phase of the tattoo is as important as getting the design on the skin.  Any St. Petersburg tattoo artist will tell you that a badly healed tattoo comes out badly and can lead to irreversible skin damage. A scarred tattoo is a lifelong reminder of wrong choices.

If you would like to get an awesome tattoo, get the right design, tattoo artist and take good care of the healing tattoo. You will have an awesome tattoo every time.

Legends Art Exhibit Promo Video

Come join your St Pete tattoo shop, Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery, on Sept 22nd at Green Bench Brewing Co. as we host our final chapter of the Legends exhibit featuring 60 artists!

We are excited to share this amazing video created by the talented Joe Boccia for our Legends exhibit!

Check it out!!


Red Flags When Going to a New Tattoo Shop

Red Flags

Selecting the right tattoo shop St. Pete can be an arduous task, especially if you have no idea what to look for. Despite that, you can still base your choice of the shop in which to get your tattoo by looking out for a few red flags.

Below are the red flags that should convince you to think twice before entering the new shop.

Cleanliness of Shop

First, check the cleanliness. Watch out for signs that scream ‘unkempt’ all over the shop. A tattoo shop should be as clean as the local hospital. After all, the procedures you will go through involve piercing skin using needles and other supplies. Everything should be clean.


Do not ignore the tattooists. It’s good practice to get a tattoo from trained artists only. Untrained artists and novices are the wrong choice. An untrained artist is not worth entrusting your health to. Training helps the artists to:

  1. keep the shop attractive and free of infections
  2. prevent disease-causing microbes from spreading

Cleanliness of Furniture

Cleanliness of the furniture is equally essential. Some types of furniture are capable of spreading germs. Microbes have a tendency of lingering around the studio. They multiply exponentially in St. Pete tattoo shops that are filled with dirty and tattered furniture.

Cleanliness of Needles and Other Supplies

Another red flag worth keeping an eye on is the use of needles that have already been opened. A trustworthy parlor hires and encourages its artists to use needles from sealed containers at all times. Needles should not lie all over the studio.


Home-based tattoo shops are not a good place for getting a tattoo. A home-based shop lacks some essential supplies, such as an autoclave, that are common features of the best tattoo parlors in St. Pete.

Customer Relations

The desperation you have for new St. Pete tattoos does not give the artists any right to ignore you or treat you contemptuously. The artist who will be working with you should spend time discussing a few details with you prior to your session. Look for artists who communicate well.

Quality of Aftercare Service

It’s important to check the quality of aftercare service and advice the tattooists provide. Proper after care is crucial for your health. The best tattooists will not hesitate to educate you on the different ways of taking great care of your tattoos. If they don’t, leave and go elsewhere.

Lastly, consider extremely low prices as red flags warning you of the poor quality of services to expect at the tattoo parlor. Normally, good tattoos cost substantial sums of money. With tattoos, you get what you pay for.


Here at Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery we supply only the best of quality for our clients. We treat tattoos as they should be treated, like works of art. Schedule and appointment today and see why everyone is chose Black Amethyst Tattoo & Fine Arts Gallery!

Thorough Research When Looking for an Artist is Key

Research It

There are different types of tattoo artists operating today. One category comprises professionals who have been trained, certified, and licensed to provide these services. The other category is made up of individuals with a passion for tattoos who open tattoo parlors in St. Pete. It’s important to choose a tattooist carefully considering that you’re about to get a permanent mark on your body through a risk-filled procedure.

Thorough research on the artist is essential for your peace of mind.

Research Safety

It’s wrong to step into the first tattoo shop St. Pete that you come across without prior research. The focus of the research should be determining the safety of the entire process. Tattoos can open up your body to all manner of skin infections and health problems. Fortunately, state and local governments in the United States regulate tattoo shops. The actual rules regulating the parlors vary from one jurisdiction to the next though.

Research Staff Training

While doing your research, make sure that the parlor you step into has an all fully-trained team of tattooists. Check that the tattoo artists put on fresh set of disposable gloves before attending to a new client to reduce or eliminate the risk of contamination. After removing the gloves, ascertain that the artists discard them in the trash bin in between each session. Confirm that the tattooist only uses fresh needles that he gets from sealed containers.

Research Reputation

In the tattooing industry, reputation is king. A tattoo artist with a reputation of operating without any formal training is a huge risk. A ‘freelancer’ or ‘scratcher’ is not worth selecting for such a potentially life-defining procedure. One reason for this is that an untrained tattooist is more likely to reuse the needles and other supplies thereby increasing your chances of suffering a skin infection or developing an allergic reaction.

Research Quality of Services

Some artists are renowned for producing excellent tattoos. The quality of the final product should not cloud your judgment. A professional tattooist acts as a craftsperson, technician, and an artist. Scrutinize each artist’s work. Look at how the artist blends colors. Evaluate the tattooist’s ability to design an even form of depth, dimension and shading. Look at his previous work to determine his expertise in all these.

Research Premises

Lastly, check the condition of the artist’s St. Pete tattoos studios. Visit the studios for a firsthand evaluation of the quality of services offered. It would be unwise of you to select an artist who does not operate from St. Pete tattoo shops but rather from his kitchen, in the bleachers, garage, or a local bar. If everything is clean, new and in the right place, you may now ask the artist for information on the tattoo charges.

The research has already been done and all signs point to Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery! Schedule an appointment today and come in and see why so many people are choosing Black Amethyst.

Do and Don’ts for Getting a Tattoo

In the movie ‘Hangover II’, one of the actors – Stu – wakes up to discover that he has a tattoo on his face. He has no idea how the tattoo ended up on his face. The tattoo is just one of the many mysteries they have to solve.

Normally, nobody goes to the St. Pete tattoo shops half-dazed to get a tattoo. The reason for this is tattoos are permanent. Therefore, appreciating this and other dos and don’ts of getting a tattoo is highly advised.

Dos of getting a tattoo

First, as previously mentioned, tattoos are permanent marks on the body. Therefore, choose a tattoo that you’re happy leaving on your body the rest of your life. There is nothing wrong in taking as much time as you need to choose the best tattoo.

When it comes to tattoos, location is just as important as any other factor. Here, location does not refer to the physical address of tattoo parlors in St. Pete. Instead, it refers to the exact part of the body where you want to be tattooed.

Also, it’s fine to speak up when you’re unhappy with anything regarding the tattoo. For example, if the design isn’t what you envisaged, let the tattooist know. Otherwise, you will leave the parlor with a tattoo that only makes you sad, frustrated, and sick.

It’s alright to take time researching and learning as much as you can on your preferred tattooist. Limit yourself to the choice of artists who know what they are doing. Check the reputation of the St. Pete tattoo shops with other customers too.

Don’ts of getting a tattoo

Some people tattoo the names of people they love on their bodies. Although there is nothing wrong with this, you should choose the name carefully. For example, tattooing the name of a girlfriend or boyfriend might appear cool now but only lead to regrets when you break up.

Always get tattoo from licensed professionals. Do not show up at your cousin’s or friend’s place unannounced and ask for a tattoo. If the friend or relative is a bona fide tattooist running or working at a tattoo shop St. Pete, then let him to ink your body.

Avoid getting a tattoo when you’re intoxicated or as high as a kite. The artist needs you to be as cool and non-fidgety as possible. It’s hard to stay still when you’re in a drunken stupor and not in control of your faculties. Intoxication makes it hard for you to cooperate with the artist.

Lastly, it pays to tip the tattooist. A tattoo artist who does an excellent job and treats you nicely is worthy of a token of appreciation. Therefore, carry some money with you (on top of the tattoo fees) to show your appreciation for services rendered at St. Pete tattoos studios.

Have a tattoo you need to void out? Schedule an appointment today at Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery and turn an old Don’t into a future Do!