Cool Your Jets on These “Hot” Tattoos

Get Em While They’re Hot

Because we care, it’s time to remind everyone that unlike a trendy haircut, a “hot” tattoo is not “here today, gone tomorrow,” so you may want to re-think the following designs when visiting top St. Pete tattoo parlors:

Tribal Tattoos

These types of tattoos have spikes in their popularity over time. If you are of a certain age from a certain moment in pop culture, your tribal work may be juuuuust fine. But these days, in fact, they are often referred to as frat tats. There is no problem inking your body with these types of tats if you belong to an actual tribe. Avoid this trend if your only reason for inking them on your body is that you’re a young, white college boy out on his own for the first time.

Social Media-Inspired Tattoos

Tattoos that show your appreciation of or addiction to a social media network or meme of the moment should also be avoided. Let’s face it, even if Facebook turns out to be immortal, sites and apps and memes have a short relevancy lifespan. Yik Yak, anyone?

One-Word Statement Tattoos

Any word that you can remember without having to tattoo it on any part of your body is a good candidate for exclusion. You may also include quotes in this category. Also, do you really want people to randomly stop and grab you to read your skin on the streets?  (If the answer is yes, then, by all means…)


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