Meet the Artists of Black Amethyst Tattoos Clearwater: Bryan Delbane

Bryan Delbane

Q: Where were you born?
A: In a death camp

Q: What do you like to listen to?
A: Your Ex calling me Daddy

Q: Food you love?
A: Cheese

Q: On average, how many times a week do you hurt yourself trying to dance in the shower?
A: Every day.

Q: What’s your favorite kind of cookie?
A: You know, Dat Cookie

Q: When you’re at a buffet, how many trays of food do you start off with?
A: 4

Q: Who would you let punch you directly in the face?
A: My Daughter

Q: What’s your dream vacation?
A: Skydiving in Lybia

Q: If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be?
A: Representative for the Florida Panhandler’s Union

Q: How many seconds would it take you to eat an entire block of cheese?
A: 4

Q: Who do you just hate the most?
A: You will find out soon enough

Q: What’s your favorite thing to order from the Olive Garden?
A: Olives

Q: What do you think cats dream about?
A: Screaming Women

Q: What do you wish tomorrow’s breaking news would be?
A: There’s Been an Alien Invasion!

Q: What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever unintentionally vomited?
A: At the buffet

Q: What do you do when a baby just stares at you in public? Like, doesn’t even blink, just
maintains intense, aggressive eye contact with their dumb baby face.
A: Look at his mom the same way

Q: Your primary tattoo style?
A: Whatever pays for my storage unit

Q: If you could give yourself a nickname, what would it be?
A: Joe…..MAMA!


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