Ever Google For Tattoo Ideas?

Ever gone to the grocery store hungry, but not quite sure what sounds good? Ever pulled up to the bar and started to order and thought “hang on, maybe something different?” before ordering your usual? Ever settled in to Netflix and chill forreal and your queue made it harder instead of easier to choose what to view?

That’s like being ready, being itchy, jonesing like the ink junkie you are for your next skin art, and when I say “so, what are you thinking” you reply…

Dude. Really? Your brain is stuffed with ideas. The world is full of images. The universe was built on art. Pictures are everywhere. And you got nothing?

It’s OK, it happens to everyone. (Well, a lot of people.) So when you are absolutely, positively, no way no how, coming up empty, have less than zero clue what your (next) tattoo should be…whip it out (your phone), get those thumbs thumpin’ (again, on your phone), and once you’ve found some pictures to get your juices flowing, bookmark ‘em and then google yourself, for a happy ending to your image search.

Search result for “skull” = about 320 million returns.

Search result for “demon” = about 193 million returns.

Search result for “viking” = about 168 million returns.

Search result for “Thank you for this great advice, Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery” = No results found. Yet. And you’re welcome.


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