Do and Don’ts for Getting a Tattoo

In the movie ‘Hangover II’, one of the actors – Stu – wakes up to discover that he has a tattoo on his face. He has no idea how the tattoo ended up on his face. The tattoo is just one of the many mysteries they have to solve.

Normally, nobody goes to the St. Pete tattoo shops half-dazed to get a tattoo. The reason for this is tattoos are permanent. Therefore, appreciating this and other dos and don’ts of getting a tattoo is highly advised.

Dos of getting a tattoo

First, as previously mentioned, tattoos are permanent marks on the body. Therefore, choose a tattoo that you’re happy leaving on your body the rest of your life. There is nothing wrong in taking as much time as you need to choose the best tattoo.

When it comes to tattoos, location is just as important as any other factor. Here, location does not refer to the physical address of tattoo parlors in St. Pete. Instead, it refers to the exact part of the body where you want to be tattooed.

Also, it’s fine to speak up when you’re unhappy with anything regarding the tattoo. For example, if the design isn’t what you envisaged, let the tattooist know. Otherwise, you will leave the parlor with a tattoo that only makes you sad, frustrated, and sick.

It’s alright to take time researching and learning as much as you can on your preferred tattooist. Limit yourself to the choice of artists who know what they are doing. Check the reputation of the St. Pete tattoo shops with other customers too.

Don’ts of getting a tattoo

Some people tattoo the names of people they love on their bodies. Although there is nothing wrong with this, you should choose the name carefully. For example, tattooing the name of a girlfriend or boyfriend might appear cool now but only lead to regrets when you break up.

Always get tattoo from licensed professionals. Do not show up at your cousin’s or friend’s place unannounced and ask for a tattoo. If the friend or relative is a bona fide tattooist running or working at a tattoo shop St. Pete, then let him to ink your body.

Avoid getting a tattoo when you’re intoxicated or as high as a kite. The artist needs you to be as cool and non-fidgety as possible. It’s hard to stay still when you’re in a drunken stupor and not in control of your faculties. Intoxication makes it hard for you to cooperate with the artist.

Lastly, it pays to tip the tattooist. A tattoo artist who does an excellent job and treats you nicely is worthy of a token of appreciation. Therefore, carry some money with you (on top of the tattoo fees) to show your appreciation for services rendered at St. Pete tattoos studios.

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