Don’t Tell Mama

Pretend you are a parent and your kid (not your favorite, but the one you love and all but, you know, can be a pain in the ass, truthfully) is in the market for a tattoo. What are the last things you’d want to think about?

That getting tattooed is considered to be medical procedure in some places.

That the ink is being pushed INTO skin. By a bunch of little pricks. Applied by a big prick. (Just checking to see if you are paying attention.)

That the open wound, which will ultimately be the envy of you friends, can put you at risk for allergic reactions, infections and blood-borne diseases. Yeah, that’s right, mama, there are risks  even at the state-of-the-art St. Pete tattoo shops.

But wait, Ma, there’s hope!

Because your offspring is going to a licensed, inspected, clean, reputable shop. Because you have done your research. Because kids’ your tattoo artist knows the importance of health and safety and will instruct everyone – even people who didn’t ask and may not care – about proper healing and aftercare routines for that ultimately gorgeous, currently sore, itchy-while-it-peels new tattoo.

Your tattoo professional is the one person to listen to and trust when it comes to knowing what to do with your new tattoo form the moment you finish your session to the next time you come in for work. And if listen really hard then forget it all – call him back. Stop by again. Write it down this time.

In the best case, poor aftercare can distort the tattoo’s appearance. In the worst case, failure to take excellent care of your ink can result in expensive, unpleasant follow-ups. You know, at the walk-in clinic or family doctor. And the pharmacy. And the ATM.

So relax, all you Mothers, we got this. And remember, “kid” is a frame of mind, not an age. We don’t work on humans under the age of 18.

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