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BATG Featured

See what 727area.com has to say about us in their recent articles exploring the top tattoo shops in the Burg! “There’s a connection to art for J.: he has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. He’s not about “flash,” but more about having inspiration to draw custom pieces for his clients. When I made my visit, […]

What Am I Getting Tattoo’d?

No Trendy Tattoos, Originality is Key Trendy tattoos are cool one moment and not so cool two to three years down the line. Cliché tattoos like the musical clef, the love heart, dagger, teardrops, crosses, and eagles may look good when they are fresh but you will quickly tire of seeing them and develop tattoo […]

Tipping your Tattoo Artist

Here’s a Tip for You You tip the waiter after good service at a restaurant, or the barber after a haircut you feel good about. Why would you not tip the guy who puts your amazing art on your skin? Let’s say your restaurant tipping starts at about 15%, 20% when you’re feeling at ease […]

How to Pick the Right Tattoo Artist

How to Pick the Right Tattoo Artist When you talk to people who have come down with a case of “tattoo regret,” you’ll often find that the worst mistake they made was the first mistake they made – choosing the wrong tattoo artist. A professional tattooist who is a good fit for you will dissuade […]

Which is best?

Color Tattoos Vs. Black/Grey Tattoo: Which Is Best? Different tattoo artists have different views on color tattoos and black/grey tattoos. Many will swear that black/grey tattoos come out better and never fade. Those who prefer color tattooing say the attention to detail enriches the tattooing experience. You have picked the tattoo design and the artist, […]

The Traditional American Tattoo

The Traditional American Tattoo: What You Should Know The tattoo machine has been around since the 1870s, but the art of the tattoo has been in the Americas for hundreds of years. The art had been practiced by both immigrants and Native Americans for a long time. Tattooing was traditionally associated with sailors (and still […]

What Tattoo Do You Want?

What Tattoo Do You Want? What kind of tattoo should I get? This is a question that will definitely cross your mind if you are looking to get some ink. The answer to this question depends on several factors; your lifestyle, philosophy of life, and of course your skin type. Many people will get a […]

No Tattooing in the Kitchen

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Tattoo in Your Friend’s Kitchen Getting inked is one of those things that you can do on a whim, but live to regret your decisions long after the deed. Getting tattooed is wildly popular (40% of Americans aged 25-29 have at least one tattoo). Plenty of Youtube videos give rise […]