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What Tattoo Do You Want?

What Tattoo Do You Want?

What kind of tattoo should I get? This is a question that will definitely cross your mind if you are looking to get some ink. The answer to this question depends on several factors; your lifestyle, philosophy of life, and of course your skin type. Many people will get a tattoo on a whim only to live with tattoo regret. A tattoo is a skin decoration but can also carry a deeper meaning. Here are some tips on how to come up with the perfect tattoo idea. 


Getting a tattoo just because it looks good on a tattoo site or magazine is a bad idea. Tattoos are powerful symbols showing affiliation, rank, or class in different cultures. You could be thinking that a neck tattoo of XIII looks mysterious only to realize that it is a gang tattoo when you start getting the attention from the law. 

If you are looking for a tat with a meaning visit forums on what you are interested in. Try Googling ‘Subject + Tattoo’, for example, ‘Navy Tattoos.’ You will find plenty of links you can look up, for more ideas and discussions on different tattoos.

Talk to a tattoo artist

As professionals on what you need, Tattoo artists have a wide knowledge of different tattoos. You can ask to go through an artist’s portfolio while discussing different tattoos, their meanings and how they would look on your skin.  

Try this approach if you are looking for a special tattoo, for example, a Japanese irezumi, it would be a smart idea to talk to an artist specializing in doing these kinds of tattoos. You will learn more about what different designs and motifs stand for, and who wears them.

Where do you want it?

Tattoos are art that is meant to be seen and appreciated. If you are getting a tattoo for aesthetic purposes, there is little need to get a tattoo and bury it under your clothes forever. This is what would happen if you are an accountant spending a lot of time in your cubicle with a 3-piece suit.  Small tattoos are easily put on exposed parts of the neck, hands, and calf, while big tattoos are likely to be on clothed parts like the back, upper arms and chest. 

Is it right for your skin?

Multicolor tattoos are especially difficult to pull off because different people have different skin pigmentation. What looks good on paper may not work for your skin type. Talk to the tattooist about this.

Can you live with it?

It may be cool to have ‘Gaza Thug’ on your neck when you are 21. It is entirely a different thing to have it when you are 40.  Look at your tattoo in a futuristic view.


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