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How to Pick the Right Tattoo Artist

How to Pick the Right Tattoo Artist

When you talk to people who have come down with a case of “tattoo regret,” you’ll often find that the worst mistake they made was the first mistake they made – choosing the wrong tattoo artist.

A professional tattooist who is a good fit for you will dissuade you from getting an unsuitable design: He’ll do the right design in the right way and offer good tattoo aftercare advice to ensure your ink lasts and looks great.

So, how would you go about picking the right tattoo artist?

Get good referrals

Is there a relative or friend with an awesome tattoo? Ask them where they got it. If the tattoo has some years behind it and still looks good, you are looking at professional work. What was their experience with the tattoo artist like? What was their impression on the professionalism of the tattoo artist? There is no better advertising than word-of-mouth. If the tattoo looks good, and the person wearing it says the tattoo artist was great, you have a good lead.

Look at online reviews 

What does a prospective artist’s social media presence look like? Are there lots of positive comments on good work? A good tattoo artist will not be shy to show off satisfied customers.

There are several online review sites where you can see what people think about a tattoo artist. If he is good enough, he should have a few positive mentions. Are there negative reviews? Go further and ask the reviewer why they think that tattoo artist deserves the negative comments. Several negative reviews are a clear red flag on a tattoo artist.

Inspect the portfolio

Check the work! Tattoo artists develop their skills and specialize in different styles. Some are good in western and European style tattoos. Some are good in Japanese and oriental tattoos. Some are masters of all styles. Some shouldn’t be allowed out in public. Look at the portfolio and see if the tattoo artist has the skill in doing the design you want.

Inspect the tattoo studio

You can tell a lot by visiting a tattoo studio, talking to the tattoo artist and seeing him at work. Any professional tattoo artist will be willing to talk to you about your designs and concerns. Is the tattoo artist rude or friendly? Does the shop look neat and organized? A dirty looking tattoo studio is a no-no. 

Trust your gut

You’ve asked around, done you online research, looked at a book and seen the studio in person. Now it’s time to check your gut. Is the artists someone you trust? Someone whose work you admire? Someone you want to spend time with…injecting your skin with ink? If you can check all those boxes, you’ve made the right choice!