Which is best?

Color Tattoos Vs. Black/Grey Tattoo: Which Is Best?

Different tattoo artists have different views on color tattoos and black/grey tattoos. Many will swear that black/grey tattoos come out better and never fade. Those who prefer color tattooing say the attention to detail enriches the tattooing experience. You have picked the tattoo design and the artist, do you go for a color tattoo or a black/grey tattoo? There are some pros and cons of each type of ink.

Black/grey tattoos

Black and grey tattoos have been existence since the art of tattooing. This is because many natural ingredients used tattooing, for example, plant sap makes the skin pigmentation black.  These tattoos rely on spacing and density to create depth in a design. 


    Take less time –  Less ink needs to be applied when doing this type of tattoos  meaning tattooing is faster ( some say less painful too)

    Richer contrast – This makes them easier to see on darker skin

    Neutral – The tattoo does not compete with your clothes color 

    Longer lasting – Black/grey tattoos do not fade easily so they do not need regular touchups. Well done black/grey tattoos can go for up to 15 years without fading 

    Versatile – black/grey tattoos work well with almost any tattoo design you choose

    Classy – These types of tattoos are cool to look at and not garish. A black/grey tattoo will look cool even when you age


Creating multi-dimensional black/grey tattoos is very tricky, and can only be managed by experienced tattoo artists. The artist will have to use tone, texture, composition, shape, and weight to pull off this type of design. An inexperienced tattoo artist can botch up a multi-dimensional black/.grey tattoo easily.

Color tattoo 

Color tattoos are preferred for vibrancy and details. Good examples are Japanese irezumi tattoos which are complex color tattoos that can take years to complete. It is easy to achieve multidimensional with a color tattoo. 


    Ideal for light skin that does not show contrast well

    More expression – it is easy to set the mood of the tattoo using color, just like in a wall painting 


    Color tattoos fade quickly if exposed to too much sun

    Take more time to complete because of the complexity 

    Cost more because there is more work involved 

Color tattoos are ideal for covering up other tattoos. They are best for tattoos that don’t see much sun to avoid fading. It is also important to understand skin allergies before opting for a color tattoo. 

It is best to talk to your tattoo artist to determine if your skin type goes well with either tattoo type.

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