J.Michael Taylor

  1. Michael is the owner-operator of Black Amethyst. He’s in his 13th year of inking people up with extreme color. He collects guitars, pays bills, and has a few things to say about The Olive Garden, the IRS and butts.

Q: Name you wish were yours?
A: Supreme Overlord.

Q: Favorite music?
A: Instrumental metal.

Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: Chicken pot pie.

Q: How do you describe your tattooing style?
A:  Large, full-color, illustrative.

Q: What’s a recent thing you’ve tattooed?
A: A dragon on a back.

Q: Where were you born?
A: Michigan.

Q: What’s your dream vacation?
A: Retirement, recording my own music full time.

Q: You may have just answered the next question, but here goes…If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be?
A: A rock star!

Q: How many seconds would it take you to eat an entire block of cheese?
A: I don’t eat cheese.

Q: Have you ever found the image of a biblical figure on a piece of toast?
A: I have not!

Q: How long does it take you to scroll through Facebook before giving up?
A: I don’t scroll Facebook, I scroll Instagram.

Q: Who do you just hate the most?
A: The IRS.

Q: Do you think Zac Efron is really nice in real life or does he just walk around with his abs out telling people to go fetch him vegetables?
A: Who?

Q: What’s your favorite thing to order from the Olive Garden?
A: I don’t eat there, so probably…bread sticks?

Q: How many times does it take for you to listen to a song that you love before you actually hate it instead?
A: That’s never happened.

Q: What do you think cats dream about?
A: Sitting in a window.

Q: Do you ever stop and think about the number of butts in the world?
A: Daily – I think about all the butts.

Q: How much do you hate answering these questions?
A: I don’t.

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