Inked & Proud: Show Off Those Tattoos Loud!

And Proud of It

Time, money, blood, sweat, tears(?) & inspiration. That’s all done, so it’s time to share your badass tattitude with the world.  Some tips to keep your skin art looking sharp:

  1. Hair today/gone tomorrow.

Depending on your ink, its location and your lifestyle, keeping ink free of body hair is the easiest way to show it off. Shave or wax regularly, or pluck or depilate (Nair or the like) occasionally. Shaving actually has the additional benefit of “polishing” the look of your tattoos, as you are also exfoliating and helping keep your dermis fresh.

  1. Sometimes you feel like a (coco)nut.

You know that proper moisturizing is essential to healing your tattoos. Post-healing, regular moisturizing is a key to showing your off. Lots of people like to use a topical coconut oil, as its natural properties help trap much-needed moisture in the skin. Be sure you aren’t allergic, of course. And if coconut oil doesn’t work for you…

  1. H2 Oh Hell Yeah.

Try a water-based moisturizer, if heavier, oil-based formulations aren’t your thing. Again, the point is for your tattooed skin to look supple and moisturized, never dry or ashy. Foam moisturizers are easy to apply, and many of them are water-based. Do a little shopping, or ask your artists what he or she recommends.

  1. The future’s so bright you gotta wear shades. And sunscreen.

Most of us know that sun is bad for skin, and can lead to big T trouble, even the big C cancer. So saying sun is bad for your ink is an understatement, but a truth that needs to be told. Always use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Harmful, hateful UV rays not only can fuck up your dermis medically, they also can do a number on you aesthetically, by fading the heck out of your ink.