Burn, Scars & Tattoos, part 1

Tattoos for Burn Victims

Here’s an article from dubdubdub about tattoos as part of the psychological healing process for burn victims. Altho it was primarily written to talk about tattoo shops in Clearwater, FL, it applies to other locales as well. Give it a read, and say what you think about it…

Car crashes, house fires, hates crimes, terrorist attacks, war injuries, industrial accidents….any of these can lead to scarring, both psychological and physical. Trauma to the mind and spirit may be related to the physical injuries inflicted. Healing is multi-layered.

Assuming physical injuries are tended to and life’s other necessities are back on track, burn victims have options to consider when addressing the physical remnants of a disaster, mishap or accident. Tattoo shops from Clearwater FL to Muddy IL, and from St Petersburg FL to St. Petersburg, Russia have often served as a real resource for people seeking mental relief from burns and scarring.

Not every burn can be “covered” by tattooing, and not every tattooer can work on skin which has been burned. But many times the artful application of ink can do much to relieve the stigma some people feel related to “imperfect” skin. (A recent, very unscientific survey of Clearwater, FL tattoo shops showed a wide range of reactions to the question Would you consider a tattoo to help cover or adorn a burn scar?

As all burns are unique, so are the scars they leave behind, and so too tattoo shops differ: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure; one artist’s forte may be another’s downfall; and burn and scar-covering tattoos are each individual in terms of application technique, number of sessions required and the re-healing of scarred, now tattooed skin.

It takes a special touch, a steady hand and a patient attitude to successfully work with burn victims in helping transform a dermal embarrassment into a proud asset. Tattoo shops in Clearwater, FL can help. As can others in your neck of the woods. Don’t be shy to try. Ask around. Google till your knuckles ache. And let the healing – and tattooing – begin.

Stay tuned for part 2 of From the Interwebz: Burn, Scars & Tattoos, which discusses other types of scarring and what tattoo shops in Clearwater FL (and beyond) can do for people who want to cover or even enhance scarred skin.