Shannon Haines

Shannon has been tattooing since 2017, building a reputation for working in strong colors and her preferred nonadditional style. We asked her some questions, ranging from basic biographical info to her feelings about Harry Potter. Here’s what she had to say…

Q: Where were you born?
A:  Jacksonville, FL

Q: What do you like to listen to?
A: Post-hardcore and dance-Pop.

Q: Food you love?
A: Sushi

Q: What’s your favorite kind of cookie?
A: Gingerbread.

Q: When you’re at a buffet, how many trays of food do you start off with?
A: I wouldn’t’ be caught dead at a buffet.

Q: How long do you wait after finishing your first plate of food before getting a second plate of food?
A: 0.02 seconds

Q: What’s your dream vacation?
A: Yosemite! For like 3 months.

Q: If you had the chance to write the headline of tomorrow’s Tampa Bay Times, what would it say?
A: “Weed Completely Legal”

Q:  What advice to someone who wants to be a tattoo artist?
A: Never stop drawing, and don’t kid yourself about what your “best” is

Q: If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be doing?
A: I went to school for screen printing, so definitely that.

Q: What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever unintentionally vomited?
A: Parking lot of a crowded Chik-Fil-A

Q: What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever intentionally vomited?
A: My purse.

Q: If I gave you $10 bucks to go buy me chocolate milk, and it only cost $3, would you bring me all the change or would you tell me it was actually $10? Because I’ll know. I’ll know chocolate milk doesn’t cost that much.
A: I’d steal the chocolate milk and pocket $3.

Q: Do you agree that Harry Potter was a huge asshole and probably the least exciting character in the entire series? Like, he spent seven years terrorizing his friends with his own problems, ya know? They had their own shit going on and here comes Harry Fucking Potter just fucking shit up left and right? They had lives, too. They all had lives, Harry. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.
A: I do agree.

Q: How many people do you fall in love with every day?
A: Zero people (only dogs).

Q: How many friendships have you ruined because you refused to play a game of Monopoly mercifully?
A: NONE! I’m the one who’s losing…

Q: What do you do when a baby just stares at you in public? Like, doesn’t even blink, just maintains intense, aggressive eye contact with their dumb baby face.

Q: Some words about your tattoo art?
A: Neo-traditional, colorful.

Q: Recent tattoo work?
A: A spooky Ouija planchette

Q: If you could give yourself a nickname, what would it be?
A: The Siren of Pain

Q: And to wrap up, how much do you hate answering these questions?
A: Honestly, they are very hard and it’s giving me anxiety.

Q: Well, you did great. And that’s not a question, just the truth. Check out Shannon’s Instagram @shannonhainestattoos and Facebook shannonhainestattoos.

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